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Which handgrinder to choose?

etz-I: Our etz-I is recommended for customers NEW to manual grinding or those wishing to skip tools and techniques like RDT or WDT. It`s the only available handgrinder with Antistatic-Jig compressing the grounds while grinding thus minimizing dispersion. The small compressed amount of remains left may be easily knocked off. 

etz-U: Our retention-free etz-U (without Antistatic-Jig) is recommended for customers familiar with techniques like RDT and WDT. 

Differences Cone Burr

etzi-Cone Burr: buit into etz-I, etz-U, etzMAX Handgrinder before February 15th, 2023 - works well for all brew methods
DC-Cone Burr: built into all models since February 15th, 2023 - works for all brew methods with improved (easier) grinding even at finest setting, more uniformity and higher output when grinding for Turkish (compared to etzi-cone)

Although cones for etz-I and etz-U have the same geometry, they cannot be switched due to different threads.
Pleaste note that etz-I/etzMAX Handgrinder and etz-U/P Coneholders differ from each other and are not compatible.

Settings Coffee (etz-I, etz-U)

1-3 / extra-fine: Turkish, Espresso
3-5 / fine: Espresso, Moka Pot
5-7 / medium fine: Espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress
7-11 / medium: Aeropress, Drip
11-15 / medium coarse: Drip (Chemex), French Press
15-19 / coarse: French Press, Cupping
20+ / extra-coarse: Cold Brew

Shims may be add/removed to further adjust the grind size (also see www.etzinger-ag.com - Video Tutorials).
Adding shims: Finer / Removing shims: Coarse

Settings Pepper & Spices (etz-P, etz-U)

1-3 / extra-fine ground: Sauces, Potatoes (60+ Mesh)
5-8 / fine ground: Sauces, Soups (30-35 Mesh)
9-13 / table ground: Table/Restaurant use (22-28 Mesh)
17-21 / coarse Black Pepper: Roast Chicken & Steaks (12-14 Mesh)
23 / extra-coarse ground: Roast Beef, Beef (10-12 Mesh)

Settings may vary depending on roast/corns.

In case of questions, please contact us via support@etzinger-ag.com or visit our Website (www.etzinger-ag.com).